Thursday, December 1, 2016

I feel like Pablo

Recently, I blogged about my love for Kanye West, but I am unfortunately presented with a good reason to write about him again, so deal with it and read about my mental health and Yeezy. Because this is important.
So, Kanye has been having a rough few monthes. Right before I saw him in St. Paul, his wife was robbed at gun point in Paris. After I saw him he went on one of his patented mid-show rants to tell everyone that he didn't vote but would have voted Trump if he had (on a side note, I truly think Trump's victory makes a West presidency viable, and a Kardashian first lady within reach), followed briefly by a mental break. Through this year, my mental progress has been closely mirrored by watching Mr. West.
For those who don't pay attention to his lyrics, Kanye has frequently rapped about his mental illness, specifically on The Life of Pablo, Ye raps about Lexipro, a notable anti-depressant in addition to other aspects of his illness. A lot of people have accused him of fabricating it, but I think we all need to step back and remember something very important: he's just a guy.
Kanye has a larger than life personality, and its a portion of his allure. West calls himself a god, he is one of the most acclaimed musicians of all time, he's married to one of the most famous women in the world, and it seems like there has never been a week he wasn't embattled in some media circus. As far as I'm concerned, that's all part of who he is as an artist. He knows what he's doing, and he makes a show of it in part to show what the state of being a celebrity is. So, why is everyone so angry at him?
I won't say he's a perfect man, he isn't. And I won't say it's not a bummer he canceled some shows, because having seen him, I really do feel bad for the people who had to miss out. That said, I commend him for making moves to become mentally healthy. Everyone's reactions to it are completely out of  line.
Following the announcement that West was being hospitalized, a lot of people were quick to jump on the "Kanye is crazy" bandwagon, including high profile examples like fellow rap icon, Snoop Dogg. While it is somewhat entertaining to see some old remnants of the East Coast/West Coast feud. none of that is okay.
So, like I said, watching Kanye has really given me a lot ot relate to this year. At some of my lower points all I could bring myself to do was listen to Graduation on repeat one more time, like it was some charm to make me stronger. Almost the same day Yeezy was hospitalized I was diagnosed with PTSD as a result of my past sexual abuse. Hearing people accuse Mr. West of faking what is a very possible and understandable disease made me sick.
It's hard to seek help, even harder to speak out and publicly about it. So, having the definition of an A-List celebrity speak up has the potential to raise a lot of awareness and genuinely help a lot of people. Seeing the lashes against him makes me seriously sick. I feel like Kanye, and Kanye feels like Pablo.
I'm not saying everyone has to like Kanye because of this, and I'm not saying he hasn't done some unfortunate things. What I want you all to remember is just because Kanye seems larger than life doesn't mean he's not a person too. So, remember that he's just human, and cut him some slack.

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